Account Receivables & Collection Services


Our Effortlessly Adaptable Services

We specialise in Accounts Receivable and Collection Services for the healthcare industry. For medical practices, hospitals, and clinics, our comprehensive solution handles outstanding patient invoices. We are into insurance reimbursements too. Our competent procedure takes charge when we generate a bill or make a claim.

We ensure effective administration of the Accounts Receivables lifecycle. We work hard to provide prompt payments. This eases the financial burden on healthcare organisations. Trust 369 Medicare Solutions with a proven track record. We optimise your revenue flow with skilled Accounts Receivables and Collection Services.

Accounts Receivable and Collection

Our Unique AR & Collection Processes

We assist healthcare providers in managing their finances by handling bills and payments. Our services include invoice tracking, claim processing, insurance payment collection, and debt recovery. We also assist with problems and ensure that everything goes well.

  • Invoice Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Payment Tracking
  • Insurance Reimbursements
  • Patient Billing
  • Debt Recovery
  • Denial Management
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Follow-up Services
  • Financial Analysis
  • Data Insights
  • Custom Solutions
Exemplary AR Solutions

Our Authentic AR & Collections Practices

We assist in the management of healthcare payments by handling invoices, processing claims, tracking payments, recovering debts, analysing finances, and developing unique solutions for effective revenue management.

  • Credit Repayment
  • Aftercare Services
  • Directory of Denials
  • Patients Accounting
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